Cancer Support
The approximate lifetime risk for being diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. is approximately 40% for men and 38% for women. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer, pursuing treatment, and afterward living with the diagnosis while trying to return to a "normal" life can take an emotional toll on the individual and family members. Feelings can alternate between vulnerability, uncertainty, fear, anger, helplessness, dread and fatigue. Depression and anxiety are natural reactions among those diagnosed, as well as family members & loved ones, who often double as caregivers.

The need for individual, and in many cases, family support  is often paramount, as everyone adjusts to the new reality a cancer diagnosis can bring. 

Catherine offers psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques, spiritual support, and guided visualization as part of an integrative health approach that supports well-being by enhancing the body's natural healing systems and relieving stress that can compromise the immune system. As well, you work together to move toward a new understanding of life as it presents itself today. Using techniques like art, family and/or play therapy, journaling and dialogue, Catherine works with the individual and/or family members to process and move through difficult emotions and thoughts, learn new coping skills, accept the present moment, and live today to its fullest potential. If requested, she offers home visits for individual and family member clients.

Note: To view information regarding the ongoing BOOK STUDY of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly Turner, Ph.D., please click here
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Catherine Daniels-Landeros, MS, LMFT