Depression & Anxiety
Depression and anxiety are two of the most prevalent mental health conditions today, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, including socioeconomic, cultural and life circumstance. Either condition can make functioning on a daily basis difficult, and many people feel concern, even fear, as their lives can feel more out of control over time.  

Depression is characterized by feelings of "emptiness", sadness, worthlessness and/or hopelessness, lack of energy/fatigue, irregular sleep patterns (too much, or too little), feelings of restlessness or of being "slowed down", diminished ability to think and concentrate, and loss of interest in typically pleasurable activities.

The symptoms related to anxiety include excessive worry that is difficult to control, feeling "on edge", difficulty concentrating - mind "goes blank", easily fatigued, bouts of anger and irritability, muscle tension and disturbance of sleep - difficulty falling or staying asleep.

Many people have found that both anxiety and depression can be treated effectively with psychotherapy. I work with the client to find the most effective treatment plan, using evidence-based therapy including Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Solution-Focused therapy in addition to mindfulness/relaxation exercises. My goal is to support the client in rediscovering his/her life, and the ability to function with confidence and clarity.      
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Catherine Daniels-Landeros, MS, LMFT