Heal the Healer
Social workers. Doctors. Therapists. Nurses. First Responders. Counselors. Paramedics. Healers of body, mind and spirit. Burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma. What do these categories have in common? Sometimes the demands, pressures and ongoing exposure to deeply challenging situations within the  profession of caregiving can take a toll, and those responsible for the healing of others need healing themselves. 

I specialize in working with healing professionals who are experiencing any of the conditions that signal self-care is in order. Dimensions that may be covered in addition to traditional mental and emotional care include work-life balance, stress management, coping and communication skills, and utilization of evidence-based mind-body interventions such as relaxation exercises and guided imagery that calm the body and clarify the mind.

Healing others requires the giving of our own mind, soul, energy, time, and physical resources. If we do not practice self-care, there can be lack of balance and our own wellness may become threatened. Self-care is not a luxury; self-care does not signal weakness. It is a necessary practice for both our personal and professional well-being.   
The Integrative Counseling Office of 
Catherine Daniels-Landeros, MS, LMFT