Mind - Body - Spirit
Research has continued to find correlations between mental health, spiritual well-being, and physical vigor and resilience. 

Ways to work with this connection include mindfulness-based therapeutic interventions, which encompass relaxation and breathing techniques, and guided imagery (GI). Mindfulness interventions can be learned, and have been found to be effective in working with stress, depressed immune system, anxiety, depression, cancer support and pain. 

Mindfulness exercises have been used in schools to reduce stress and aggressive behavior among children and teens, and research is currently underway exploring the effectiveness of mindfulness exercises such as GI used in the treatment of PTSD.  It is best described as a centered, non-judgmental, detached and accepting state of awareness that leads to a deep sense of calm. 

Brain scans have shown that mindfulness increases activity in the prefrontal cortex (managerial center of brain), and reduces, or calms, activity in the amygdala (emotional center of brain).

Drawing from evidence-based mindfulness practices such as MBSR, MBCT, DBT and ACT, I work with interested clients on pursuing health, peace and growth in a variety of ways. As well, I support clients' exploration of spirituality and prayer as a resource should they be so inclined, as it has also been found to support individuals' overall well-being.       
The Integrative Counseling Office of 
Catherine Daniels-Landeros, MS, LMFT